Alpha Series Mobile Showers

Alpha Mobile Solutions portable indoor showers: proven, reliable performers.

Reliable and feature rich

Rental companies rely on the Alpha Mobile Solutions Mobile Shower Trailer to efficiently service events with a low maintenance, but extremely valuable asset.

Whether government, commercial or private, having a Alpha Mobile Solutions Mobile Shower on site provides peace of mind and an effective solution to your need.

Power and convenience showers have a timed run cycle with propane-on-demand heated water. Gray water can be collected or dumped into a sewer tap. The pristine white interiors give these private modules an ambience of ultra cleanliness. The walls are commercial FRP accented by a molded ceiling and rubber floor. Air-conditioned and heated with duct ventilation.

As a result of ever increasing requests, Alpha Mobile Solutions Restrooms has numerous shower trailer options available:
  • From one to ten shower units
  • Changing areas
  • Benches
  • Lockers
  • Storage for towels, equipment
  • Public or private rooms
  • Hand wash stations
  • Direct sewer hook-up capable

Alpha Mobile Solutions Restrooms Showers share the USA built quality of workmanship with the rest of our product line. And of course, all Alpha Mobile Solutions Portable Shower Trailers come with the same warranty as all of our Alpha Mobile Solutions mobile restrooms.

You will not find a better portable shower for the money. Period.